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In 1928, Bright and Margaret Williamson gave more than 50 acres of land to the people of Darlington to create Williamson Park. With additional gifts of land, the Park now includes approximately 70 acres of cypress forest, through which Swift Creek meanders. Boardwalks, bridges, and footpaths allow visitors to see the more than 300 plant and animal species that flourish here. Nature enthusiast, bird watcher or those who just want a liesure walk through nature will  enjoy the 1 mile Outer Loop Trail. 



 Williamson Park History 

 Park Brochure

Park Map


PARK  HOURS: Sunrise to Sunset 

Park Quick Facts:

  • Located just a few blocks from Historic Downtown Darlington.

  • Cypress/Tupelo Swamp and other forested natural communities.

  • Floodplain of Swift Creek and associated wetlands.

  • Over 300 plant and animal species.

  • Newly renovated boardwalks and trails.

  • Easily accessible wildlife viewing areas.

  • 70+ acres of fun and learning!

Help us keep Williamson Park enjoyable for all who visit.

You can help by following these rules.

  • Golf Carts and motor vehicles are not permitted in Williamson Park .

  • Pets are welcome in the park. Please keep pets on lease at all times and please pick up after your pets. Pet Waste Stations are located in the park.

  • Stay on marked trails and boardwalks.

  • Please do not destroy, damage or remove any plants or animals from the park.

  • Place litter in trash cans located throughout the park

  • Firearms, fireworks, drugs, or alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the park.


Trail Guide Download Trail Map  - PDF                                                                                                                                 

Park Drive Trail

From parking lot take trail to the right. It ends at the Cypress View bridge at the back of the park.
 Trail rating: EASY
Trail parallels Swift Creek and Williamson Park Drive. Cypress swamp will be on left and upland forest on right.
Approximatly 1/2 mile each way.
Deep Swamp Trail
From parking lot take trail to the left. It ends at the Cypress View bridge at the back of the park.
Trail rating: EASY
Boardwalk crosses Swift Creek and goes through the swamp, 
Approximatly 1/2 mile each way.
Park  Loop
From the parking lot take either trail. Cross Cypress Veiw bridge at the back of the park to continue loop,
Trail rating: EASY
This allows you to see the entire park.
Approximatly 1.1 miles.
Swift Creek Loop
From parking lot take either trail. Cross Swift Creek bridge to continue loop.
Trail rating EASY
Trail crosses Swift Creek and give you a mini tour of the park.
Approximatly 3/10 of a mile loop.