A wide range of birds species nest at Williamson Park. We have nesting Barred Owls, Red Shouldered Hawks and Pileated Woodpeckers along with many others. Williamson Park is an ideal bird watching venue especially during spring and fall migrations. Abundant seed and nector producing plants provide a great refueling station for birds passing through the area. Here, we've listed the most common.  



Detailed Bird List (pdf)




 Most Common Birds

   Red Shouldered hawk   

   Great horned Owl

   Barred Owl                                                                    

   Carolina Wren

   White-throated Sparrow

   Carolina Chickadee                                

   Northern Cardinal

   Tufted Titmouse

   Gray Catbird

   Great-crested Flycatcher

   White-breasted Nuthatch                   

   Pine Warbler

   Pine Siskin

   Purple Finch

   House Finch

   American Goldfinch

   Blue Jays    

   Red-headed Woodpecker

   Pileated Woodpecker                                                       

   Red-bellied Woodpecker

   Downy Woodpecker

   Yellow-bellied Sapsucker                    

   Great Blue Heron                          

   Wood Duck                                     




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