Many varieties of plants and trees of all shapes, sizes, and colors can be found at Williamson Park.


Most Common Trees/Shrubs


1. Bald Cypress                    2. Pond Cypress

3. American Hornbeam        4. Eastern Redbud

5. Flowering Dogwood         6. Overcup Oak

7. Sweet Gum                      8. Tulip Poplar

9. Red Maple                       10. Southern Magnolia

11. Swamp Chestnut Oak    12. Sycamore

13. Darlington Oak              14. Sweetbay

15. American Holly              16. Swamp Tupelo

17. Mockernut Hickory        18. Hackberry

19. Atlantic White Cedar     20. Loblolly Pine

21. White Oak                     22. Laurel Oak

23. Black Tupelo/Gum        24. Water Ash

25. Black Willow                 26. Willow Oak

27. Fringetree                     28. PawPaw

29. Horse Sugar                 30. Mulberry

31. Banana shrub               32. River Birch 

33.Beauty Bush                  34. Camillia Sasanqua

35. Camillia Joponica         36. Mountain Laurel

37. Dwarf Palmetto             38. Red Buckeye

39. American Elderberry     40.Sassafras

41. Gardinia                         42. Wax Myrtle

43. Water Tupelo                 44. Water Oak

Most common Wildflowers and other plants in the park 

Markers are seasonal.

A. Elephant’s Foot                B. Heartleaf/Wild Ginger

C. Blue Flag Iris                   D. Arrow Arum

E. Cardinal Flower               F. Carolina Jassamine

G. Coral Honeysuckle          H. Climbing Hydrangea

I. Trumpet Creeper               J. Southern Lady Fern

K. Jack in the Pulpit             L. Lizards Tail

M. Chain Fern                      N. Orande Jewelweed

O.Atamosco Lily (Rain)        P. Red Spider Lily (Hurricane)

Q. Mandrake (May Apple)    R. Blood Root

S. Bracken Fern                    T. Reserrection Fern