Williamson Park is home to hundreds of species of animals, many of which fall within two categories: Reptiles and Amphibians.



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 Reptiles & Amphibians List  












Most Common Amphibians

   Frogs and Toads

   Bronze Frog                                       

   Leopard Frog                                      

   Southern Cricket Frog              

   Green Tree Frog                      

   Spring Peeper


   Southern Toad                           

   Fowler’s Toad                            

   Narrow-mouthed Toad                    



   Southern Dusky Salamander

   Slimy Salamander

   Southern Two-lined Salamander


   Most Common Reptiles                                                                                               


   Snapping Turtle

   Eastern Mud Turtle

   Florida Cooter

   Yellowbelly Slider

   Eastern Box Turtle


   Carolina Anole


   Broad-headed  Skink

   Ground Skink

   Southern Five-lined Skink



   Non-Poisonous Snakes

   Rat Snake

   Corn Snake

   Eastern  King Snake

   Gray Rough Earth Snake

   Rough Green Snake

   Red-bellied Water Snake

   Banded Water Snake

   Poisonous Snakes

   Eastern Cottonmouth

   Southern Copperhead

   Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake